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Tips & Tricks for Fighting Allergies

Tips & Tricks for Fighting Allergies

It’s easy for the seasons of Spring and Summer to quickly become seasons of dread when you remember allergies. Those new plants and green trees bring with them tons of pollen and other allergens that can turn any outing into a stuffy nightmare. If you’re looking to prevent these annoying reactions before they happen, or tackle the symptoms after a bad exposure, we’re here to help!

Reduce Your Exposure to Triggers

First and foremost, the best step to prevent allergic reactions is to reduce your exposure to allergy triggers. This doesn’t mean don’t go outside at all – it just means be mindful of the atmosphere. Dry days and windy days in particular are prime time for allergens to cover a lot of ground, so if you’ve got some errands that can wait a day or two, it might be a good idea. Even pushing your plans back to later in the day can help, as the morning is the more conducive to spreading allergens than the rest of the day. If all else fails, try wearing a pollen mask on your outings to keep allergens away from the most vulnerable areas on your face.

Get the Allergens Off!

No matter when you go out, there are a few precautionary steps that can go a long way in preventing a reaction. When you get back from your outing, be sure to change your clothes, as pollen and other allergens tend to cling to cloth. It’s a good idea to wash your sheets more often during these times too, for the same reason.
It doesn’t hurt to wash yourself, either! Taking a shower or at least washing your hair before bed is a great prevention measure. Take the same principle to your pets too – wash them more often, and do your best to resist letting them share your bed.

Enjoy Some R&R

Outside of simply avoiding allergens, a little rest and relaxation can go a long way to helping your body fight against allergies. Studies have shown that stress raises the level of certain hormones that affect our reaction to allergens. Basically, high stress levels equal a more severe reaction to allergens. So find a way to destress!

Keep Your Air Clean

Making sure the air inside your home is free of allergens is essential in the fight against allergies. Thankfully, it doesn’t take much to do this by just adding a handy device or two to your home. Dehumidifiers keep the air dry, which prevents the spread of dust mites and other indoor allergens. Air purifiers are great too, especially those with HEPA filters that trap allergens and keep them from spreading around your home.

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Keep Your Floors Clean with EyeVac

Just like keeping your air clean, keeping your floors clean is essential. Dust and other allergens catch in the carpet, and get kicked up by something as simple as walking by. Some of it may go into the air and be covered by the air filters, but some of it also goes straight onto you! The same thing happens to hard floors too – they’re not exempt. Keeping your floors cleans takes a little more focus than setting up an air filter, but thankfully vacuums with filters like the EyeVac Touchless Vacuum make cleanup a breeze!

What If You’re Already Having a Reaction?

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, we still find ourselves suffering from bad itches or a stuffy nose. Thankfully, there are a few options to tackle these reactions:
  • The simplest solution is to rinse out your sinuses. You can find over the counter rinses designed to tackle allergens in particular, but even just water can go a long way in clearing out your airways.
  • If rinsing didn’t help, there are several other over the counter solutions to try. Antihistamines and medicated nasal sprays fight your body’s biological reaction to allergens, but try to stay away from decongestants if you can. These only provide temporary relief, and fight the symptoms rather than the cause.
  • If your reactions are particularly bad, or nothing on the list above as helped, be sure to go see your doctor for a professional opinion.
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