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EyeVac Home


EyeVac Home

The Most Convenient Way to Clean
10.3k ratings

EyeVac Home

The Most Convenient Way to Clean
10.3k ratings


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Tackle Everyday Messes

Perfect for your kitchen, walkway, or any space with hard flooring, this compact touchless vacuum is ready for any dry mess your home may have. No more bending over with a dustpan!
Perfect For:
Pet Owners

Touchless Operation

Infrared sensors activate the vacuum automatically.

Always Out, Always On

EyeVac is convenient and always ready to take on life’s messes.

Powerful Suction

The 1000-watt motor removes all dirt and debris for clean floors.

Returns Clean Air

Two high-efficiency vacuum filters return clean air to your environment.

High Capacity

Cyclonic suction compacts debris inside the canister.

Low Maintenance

The "Full" light will turn on when it’s time to empty the canister.
Satisfaction Guarantee
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One-Year Warranty
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The Details


Perfect For Home Use EyeVac Home touchless vacuum is designed for everyday use in households. Use in your kitchen, walkway, laundry room or any room with hard floors.
Fast & Powerful 1000 watt vacuum removes 100% of dust, hair and debris instantly.
Convenient Always on and always ready infrared sensors activate EyeVac automatically.
High-Efficiency Filters Equipped with 2 high efficiency filters, the EyeVac removes dust, dirt and debris from the air and returns clean air to the environment.
Touchless Operation Infrared sensors detect the sweeping motion and automatically activate the EyeVac, making cleaning easy.
Easy Maintenance Red status indicator light illuminates when bagless canister is full and ready to be emptied. Simply remove and empty into a trash can.
Control Dial Easy to use control dial settings to switch between Auto or Manual. LED lights to indicate auto, manual, and canister full settings.
Safe For Pets Infrared sensors detect debris 20-26 cm away from the inlet. Short 7-second vacuum cycles safely ensure that EyeVac Pet does not stay on for an extended amount of time.


Weight 7.6 lbs
Warranty EyeVac Home is appropriate and warrantied for HOME USE only.
Use Use for dry materials only. Use on hard surfaces only (wood, cement, laminate, etc).
Motor 1000 watts
Voltage 120v (US plug)
Dimensions 8” x 13” x 18”

Don't Just Take Our Word for It!

Laura T.
"I love this even more than I thought I would!"
It is easy to move around and does the job better than a dust pan ever did. Definitely recommended.
Joyce G.
"I love this thing!"
I have 5 dogs and wood floors. My son loves to see how big of a pile of dog hair it can handle, so he sweeps everywhere.
Tina N.
"I absolutely love mine!"
I know my mom will love hers when I give it to her for Christmas. I broke my back and have a hard time bending so this is perfect.

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Kathleen O.

BEST PURCHASE!!!! Have had the eye vac for several years...great for the kitchen and pet hair.

Lori T.

LOVE love my eyevac for the salon. Hair pick up is so easy.ove the free feels for life. If using in salon I recommend the extra free protection sleeve. Keeps hair away from filter. Can't wait for trash can with eyevac to come back in stock!!!

Valleria P.

I had Cristina for my customer service Rep. She was excellent, kind and eager to please. I had problems with my first EyeVac and it was replaced. By all means purchase an eyevac from shopping network or the compant. I give it a Better than a 5 start ràting . Customer service and the EyeVac.

Glenn Z.

This is excellent for someone with tile or hardwood floors especially if you have pets in the house. So easy to do a quick sweep and vacuum up the debris! No dustpan just sweep and go! Excellent product!!


I have just purchased my 5th eyevac. I have them everywhere and bought them for Christmas gifts.

Mario L.

Fantastic. Nicole is an Asset to the Company.


Love this product. Makes it so easy to clean up after my dog

Cesare G.

My Daughter has one and it is great. We're looking get one, but had one question. Is there a broom included with the Eye Vac? My daughter got one with hers, but I have not been able to locate an Eye Vac with broom.

Edna V.

I love this vacuum. But it stopped working. I got it from QVC.

Kingsley M.

I was in 501 in Tallahassee an i ask for a dust pan so i could sweep up after my daughter but the owner told me to sweep it next to the eye vac. At the time i wasn't aware what it was nor did. I was so amazed of how the wasted food just got sucked right up...I liked it so much i brought one for my home the next day. Great product. Haven't failed me at all

Eileen A.


mari F.

my daughter bought me a eye vac....but when it came and I went to put the handle together I found that I had 1 - a part, 2 c parts, O b, and a broom head..... .....that makes for a very short handle. please send me a B part for the handle. thank you.

Anthony B.

BEST decision I've ever made! We have a husky, so this helps tremendously when we groom him and keeps all those little hairs off the floor and out of the air.

Brenda A.

Does its job like it should

Brenda W.

Very handy - no more bending over and messing with a dust pan!


I LOVE it. I have several dogs and am constantly sweeping up. I don't know how many dust pans I have unintentionally thrown away after sweeping and resting the dustpan on top of the trash can. As I saw this I knew I had to have it. It was my Christmas gift to myself. Works awesomely!!! SO happy.

Kathleen H.

Works okay

Ronnie N.

Bought about two years ago and am now shopping for something else. The auto mode stopped working some time ago making it much less convenient and useful. Overall, the small hole at the bottom that does the vacuuming makes it use more fussy than I like. Perhaps a pro version would be better.


Loud! My toddler is terrified but no more than my regular vacuum. Suction is great, but it's very compact and discreet.


I have two of these now and love them! Very convenient.

Rebecca G.

I LOVE this product. Dog sheds like crazy. Sweep up hair and this item takes it all in, including sand, twigs, etc. Works like magic!!

Sarah J.

Ok. This is the most useful and well used crazy unnecessary item I have purchased in a long time. So basically what this thing is is a high tech dustbin. You just sweep all your dirt in front of it and it automatically turns on and whoosh- sucks all the dirt away. My husband looked at me like I was crazy when I unboxed this guy. But now he is a convert. Seriously, this thing sucks up dirt, dog hair tumbleweeds, dust dinosaurs, gross bugs, cheerios. With three small kids this is a lifesaver. The hassles of cleaning are gone. As an added bonus our dog is no longer fat because of all the kids scraps. And super dipper bonus, the dog is also terrified of this thing and mad at it for eating her treats. It will suck up bolts, thumbtacks, spilled rice, froot loops, even pirate booty. Pirate booty is probably the biggest thing it can really handle. It has an auto setting that automatically turns on when something gets really close. It also has an off button if you have a curious creature in your house that keeps messing with it. Seriously get this. It will save your back. Save you from having to find the dustpan. It's awesome.

Angela G.

I gave these to my family for Christmas and they love them!! I will have to get one for myself eventually!! They work great!!


The eyevac is great, love that it's light and easy to move around. It has a place for you to roll the cord in the back so that it's not all over the place. Sounds like a normal vacuum. I gave it 4 stars because of the size of the hole, maybe if it was wider length wise it would be a 5. Other than that it definitely sucks up the dirt.


I like this vacuum; it definitely fills a need. However, I would say that it is most helpful when left in a single room that tends to need daily vacuuming (mine is in the kitchen) as opposed to hauling it around the house (in which case, a regular vacuum is better). The other issue is that you need to understand that the vacuum is turning on in response to the movement of the broom, not the presence of debris. If your broom bristles are black, the electronic "eye" won't see the dirt and the vacuum won't turn on automatically.

Stacey G.

I love it. It takes care of the hair from 5 dogs.


I absolutely love this vacuum! We have 3 dogs so you can imagine the hairballs. This vacuum was easy to set up, is easy to use, and is strong enough to handle just about anything we sweep into it. I wish I had seen this product years ago!!


Love it, we have a large open floor plan with hard flooring, four Grandbabies and four dogs. A must have.


Love this machine......I have 3 chow chows and an English bulldog, I’ve returned “pet” vacuums because they don’t do well with chow hair. I gave two pet EyeVacs and they wiork great! Quick and easy cleanup.


I Love it! With a 2 year old grandson and 2 dogs, this is great!


I love this thing! I have 5 dogs and wood floors. My son loves to see how big of a pile of dog hair it can handle, so he sweeps every where

Paula J.

Does a really great job, just got a new puppy that sheds and this makes sweep up easy and so quick! Just sweep it up to and turn on the power and poof! Highly recommend it!

Robin B.

Everyone wants to sweep my floors now!!!

Joya J.

My 2 year old son calls it "Miss GoGo" and encourages me to feed her dirt. I use this wasaay more than my dyson stick vac. We have the pro model. I bought this over 2 years ago after seeing it a salon I frequent. Great vac!

Jane H.

Works great....exactly as advertised

Shawnese S.

I can’t live without this Machine!!! Never will I use a Dust Pan again!!


This thing is amazing. Works exactly as described if not better. I will say that this is the lazy mans dust pan but so convenient how can you not use this!! Definitely recommend it if you have hard floors.

Stephanie J.

This is the coolest thing ever! When we built our house I didn’t want a central vac system because the only place I would use it would be in the kitchen. So when I came across this it solved all my problems! I didn’t have to cut my cabinets, I could move it wherever, and it sucked up all my crumbs and dirt. My kids were fighting over who could sweep after we got this.

Kenneth M.

Perfect replacement for not having an in-house vac system.

Lisa J.

It’s bigger than you would expect but it works fantastic I really love it.


So much easier than using a dust pan!

Debbie P.

works great.


I have wanted one if these for about 7.5 years after seeing one at my hair salon. I received mine Saturday. It is much bigger then I thought it was going to be, for some reason, I imagined it at least 1/3 the size it is, but that could be my own fault for not looking up dimensions. It has a slight odor to it when it turns on, but I'm hoping it goes away after more use. So far, I am highly impressed. It's gotten both small and larger items sucked up (dog hair, crumbs, big leaves that came in on shoes). It's amazing. I was curious to find out if, much like a dust pan, half the smaller dirt was left underneath and I'd need to re-sweep it in, but nope. Nothing under the vacuum. It got everything! I have it sitting in my kitchen and just sweep items over to it. No big deal for me since I always would sweep to one spot then vacuum the pile up with my regular vacuum hose. Even my husband, who was 100% against this, likes it. Probably the only ones in the house with complaints would be the dogs. I accidentally left it on automatic and it scared them when they went for water and they stopped to sniff it (it's right by their water dish). It turned on and scared the poop put of them. I powered it off after that. :) I recommend this fully.

Robert A.

Works great in the den where my black lab stays. He loves to set it off too.

Faye S.

it's okay.. you have to really sweep everything close to the vac and sometimes it takes several times to get it all sucked up.

Pat W.

It’s so nice. I have a papalon dog with lots of fur. This vac , when you sweep it up to it just sucks it all up. Love it.

Ronnie N.

Bought about two years ago and am now shopping for something else. The Auto mode stopped working some time ago making it much less convenient and useful. Overall, the small hole at the bottom that does the vacuuming makes it use more fussy than I like. Perhaps a pro version would be better. But given how quickly it has malfunctioned I will avoid.

Brenda A.

love it saves my back.

Rosemary W.

It was what I was looking for but I did not get black.. when I opened the box the unit was white in a black coded box...so I relocated where I wanted to put the unit out to the laundry room instead of kitchen area


great if you have hardwood floors and pets

Conley C.

for dogs that shedd lots of hairs , a must, strong suction, strong enough to suck spilled dog food also, thanks


I originally got this for my kitchen. It works as expected. It can startle people if they walk too close.


Loud! My toddler is terrified lol but no more than my regular vacuum. Suction is great, and its very compact and discreet.

Jason M.

This thing is amazing !!!!!!! Waited a while to put in a review to make sure it lasted . 4 dogs 1 can and kids works today just as it did when I bought it . 1 of my best Amazon purchases

Tina N.

I absolutely love mine! I know my mom will love hers when I give it to her for Christmas. I broke my back and have a hard time bending so this is perfect. ❤️❤️❤️

Bill S.

Way cool having a vacuum parked and ready to run. I have wood floors so it's a lot easier to sweep with a broom than use a conventional vacuum. I also have a wood stove, so there's always a bounty of dust. Thinking of ordering another one of these to park in the loft.

Catherine S.

LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Picks up great, is lite weight and can be carried from room to room with ease. Great for wood floors and collecting dog hair!


Great customer service! I bought my unit about 4 months ago and fell in love with it. It is near where my kitties eat (they love to move their dry food onto the floor). EyeVac has made my life much easier! Unfortunately, the first time I emptied the bin, I didn’t see a component that came out into the trash. Needless to say, the trash went out. When I put the filter back in, it didn’t fit. I realized I must have dropped a piece of the unit into the trash and it was long gone. I called EyeVac and spoke to Nichole. I was able to get the piece replaced. I want to say the people at Eyevac are bar none- the best in customer service! I am back, up and running with my unit working! Once again, thank you for such an honest and service-oriented company! That is a rarity these days!

Lisa B.

Kinda tricky getting trash to the inlet with strong blower coming from back and sides.

Ian M.

It is a great little device that does save time when I'm sweeping my living room. It picks up small stuff really well. The only reason I'm not giving it a full 5 stars is because the opening isn't quite big enough to pick up things like chips, or small wrappers, stuff like that. I have three young children, so that is an issue for us.

Vanna H.

I love the EyeVac! I use it to pick up dog fur on the daily. For the time I’ve had vacuum the suction has never lost its power! It can pick up even the slightest debris in front of the sensor...which could be a blessing or a curse. Depends on the person I guess. But I would recommend the EyeVac to anyone with hardwood floors and pets. It’s a hassle and hard on the back to keep bending down to use a dustpan.

M. C.

This is a perfect device. I first saw one in my hair salon and thought how nice it would be for my kitchen floor with all the cat hair I see scooting about, even after I sweep. I really like it and would highly recommend it to anyone that has furry pets or bare floors in their homes.

Candace L.

I purchased my Eye-Vac a month or so ago and it’s made sweeping up my cat’s fur so much easier. I keep mine in my kitchen and I feel like my floors are so much cleaner because it’s so easy to use. Love that it collects up that dust strip that my dustpan leaves. Highly recommend this product. I’m thinking if getting one for my elderly mother since she can’t bend over as easy any more to use a dustpan when she sweeps.

Patty C.

I purchased the Eye-Vac home approx 2 months ago. I use it every single day. It is so convenient. My kids can even use it, and they do! It’s much more convenient than bending over to sweep into a dust pan, or get out a huge vacuum just for a quick clean up. I wish I could afford to purchase one for every room in my home. This would make a perfect housewarming or wedding gift.

Jacob S.

Love the EyeVac. We have hardwood floors all through the house, using the EyeVac is the easiest way for my roommates and I to keep up with cleaning.

Janet R.

scares the dog when she walks by it but works great

Elizabeth B.

Good to use when sweeping, living at the beach it does not suck up all the sand when swept towards it. I have to tilt it over and try to get the sand to go into the unit. I still like using it for all other debris from the floor though.

Michael T.

Awesome 5 stars picks up our German Shepherd hair. Wife is happy. Very happy

Candice S.

The kids love to use it and it is great for a quick clean up.

Jan W.

I already have one and bought this as a gift. My friend loves it and mentions it often. It's especially great for sweeping up pet hair/fur.

Rebecca E.

It took some getting used to, but I think I will like this product in the long run. It's small enough to fit conveniently in just about any room. I had trouble mastering a broom maneuver that will activate the motion sensor but now that I've gotten used to that it's not so bad. I do love not having to use a dirty old dustpan.

Nicholas B.

The EyeVac Home is simply a great addition to almost any home. My wife and I make a mess in the kitchen regularly, and we have a constantly shedding dog. The EyeVac handles all the mess for us - quick, easy, and practically automatic! How did we live without it?

Vikie K.

I love it, ordered another one for my mother so she doesn't have to bend over!


It sucks everything up. My only concern is that in the instructions before the first use it said to take a plastic film off of a mini filter, and I could not find anything to remove?! Also it would have been nice to have approximate dimensions of the actual product, not the box that it comes in.

Gwen B.

It works great, but it is very loud

Janette B.

I bought this one for my daughter. I have had an Eye-Vac for a couple of years and I love it. Great for hardwood floors.

J F.

This vacuum is the bomb! With two women using a bathroom, the hair can be a real problem. Not with this baby. I just swipe it with my foot right in front and it activates and sweeps the hair away. Easy to empty. So convenient. I also use one in the kitchen for dog hair and dirt. Makes sweeping not seem like such a chore. And it looks good too. Highly recommended.

David B.

Very convenient. We have 2 dogs and the Eye-Vac is very helpful with keeping the dog hair cleaned up. Those little dust bunnies that collect on hard wood floors are easily cleaned up. Sweep or dust mop to the front and the Eye-Vac automatically turns and suck the up. If the Eye-Vac has a long life then it is well worth the purchase price.

Kathleen B.

works great especially if you have a lot of pet hair to get rid of

Jack Z.

Vaccum has great suction.I do have a suggestion though? Maybe somehow try to make it mobile so u don't have to pick up everytime?? Maybe wheels??


This is a godsend for anyone with pets! I saw something similar at my stylists salon, and thought, I could really use it for all the hard surfaces in my home that seem to collect bunches of cat hair daily. The suction is awesome and really it just saves the step of trying to bring a dustpan full of hair to the trash without some of it flying back out into the room on the way over to the trash can. Simple design makes it easy to set up in any room without calling attention to it. I also love the different modes for auto or manual turn on. So glad I purchased it. Now I want one for the second floor!

Christine S.

Where has this been all my life. It's a greatest thing ever. I have shedding dog that I used to have to drag out the vacuum every day but not anymore I love this thing

D. N.

Perfect for animal hairs when you just need to quick sweep (OFTEN) and not have to drag out the big vacuum! Only use it on smooth floors i.e.,tiles, vinyl etc. Nicely lightweight for easy relocation. About as noisy as a regular vacuum which is indicative of it's vacuuming power.

Megan W.

Hesitated keeping as it seemed silly to get something a dustpan and broom could do for nothing. BUT! For 10 years I am still cursing my contractor for talking me out of central vacuuming and I thought this might ease the sting. I am so glad I decided to keep. I have NO issues with suction or having it go on. It does go on if you walk by it too close (and have it in auto mode), but that seems pretty easy to fix - just turn it off. I love this thing!


Works perfectly!! Had my doubts about this, but it's got power and works!

Cynthia H.

Love this machine!!! Keep it around the cat litter boxes, simply sweep the mess under the vacuum and let it do it's thing!!!

T. P.

Perfect for our hardwood floors. We have 2 dogs and this helps us keep up with the hair collecting around our baseboards. Set up and operation is straight forward. I could not be happier!

Christy S.

I love this thing!!!! I have 3 long haired dogs and it just sucks up all that hair. I almost did not get it because of a review saying that it got clogged up quick. That is not the case. It compacts the hair and doesn't loose the suction. I empty it once a week and I sweep almost everyday!

John L.

Works great to help me keep floors clean with a curious puppy using dog door a thousand times a day.

Kenna B.

Absolutely love this! I call it the "Egg". I normally have to sweep before I vacuum to get under and behind things and the "Egg" has been such a big help, I can almost get rid of my vacuum. (I still have an area rug that needs the vac.) The Egg is lightweight, I just pick it up and move it to another area when I need to. Great bargain for the price and so handy. With 8 dogs and 3 cats, it is a lifesaver!

Patricia J.

My absolute favorite toy!! This is so convenient and I use it everyday. It doesn't need to be emptyied as often as I thought!

Connie E.

Really sucks up the debris. But the cats will run with fear when it comes on. I don't like that. It is a great machine, I would like to get another one.

One-Year Warranty

JPaulJones, L.P. offers a 1-year full warranty on all EyeVac models. We do not require a warranty card to be filled out. However, we do require proof of purchase and a clear picture of the label (showing all information and numbers) on the back of your unit. Please fill out a service request on our Connect page to make a warranty claim. You can find full warranty details in the product manuals.

Please note: Taking apart the EyeVac unit voids the warranty. If you do not purchase your EyeVac through an Authorized Dealer, we are unable to provide a warranty replacement.

Free Shipping
We’re proud to offer free shipping on all EyeVac models to destinations within the
contiguous U.S. Shipping is not available to Alaska or Hawaii.
Satisfaction Guarantee
Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. If you are not satisfied with your EyeVac, simply notify us within 30 days, and we will issue a complete refund upon return of the unit.