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EyeVac Professional


EyeVac Professional

Trusted Performance, Customer Approved
12.3k ratings

EyeVac Professional

Trusted Performance, Customer Approved
12.3k ratings


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Designed with Salons & Barbers In Mind

Cleaning up between clients has never been more efficient. EyeVac Pro is a professional-grade touchless vacuum designed to handle hair with ease and blend in perfectly with your professional environment.
Perfect For:

Touchless Operation

Infrared sensors activate the vacuum automatically.

Always Out, Always On

EyeVac is convenient and always ready to take on life’s messes.

Powerful Suction

The 1400-watt motor removes all dirt and debris for clean floors.

Returns Clean Air

Two high-efficiency vacuum filters return clean air to your environment.

High Capacity

Cyclonic suction compacts debris inside the canister.

Low Maintenance

The "Full" light will turn on when it’s time to empty the canister.
Satisfaction Guarantee
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One-Year Warranty
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The Details


Perfect For Home & Professional Use EyeVac Pro touchless vacuum is designed for use in households with pets, pet grooming salons, mobility concerns or any space that requires regular sweeping.
Fast & Powerful 1400-watt vacuum removes 100% of dust, hair and debris instantly.
Convenient Always on and always ready infrared sensors activate EyeVac automatically.
High-Efficiency Filters Equipped with 2 high efficiency filters, the EyeVac removes dust, dirt and debris from the air and returns clean air to the environment.
Touchless Operation Infrared sensors detect the sweeping motion and automatically activate the EyeVac, making cleaning easy.
Easy Maintenance Red status indicator light illuminates when bagless canister is full and ready to be emptied. Simply remove and empty into a trash can.
Control Dial Easy to use control dial settings to switch between Auto or Manual. LED lights to indicate auto, manual, and canister full settings.
Safe For Pets Infrared sensors detect debris 20-26 cm away from the inlet. Short 7-second vacuum cycles safely ensure that EyeVac Pro does not stay on for an extended amount of time.


Weight 11.42 lbs
Warranty EyeVac Pro is appropriate and warrantied for COMMERCIAL or HOME USE.
Use Use for dry materials only. Use on hard surfaces only (wood, cement, laminate, etc).
Motor 1400 watts
Voltage 120v (US plug)
Dimensions 13.5” x 9.5” x 20.5”

Don't Just Take Our Word for It!

Lisa T.
"We absolutely love it!"
Purchased for my hair salon & we absolutely love it! It makes cleanup SO much easier and not only do clients enjoy watching it in action, some are inspired to get one of their own!
Janetta D.
"Such a powerful little machine! "
We love to use it in the craft room, where we can quickly sweep pieces of fabric cut offs, cardstock bits and loose thread to 'feed' it. It's large capacity means I only have to empty it out every 3 to 4 weeks!
Mayra F.
"Makes my life easier"
I purchased one for my hair studio and it helps with my back and overall the function of the hair studio. Makes my life so much easier. You literally plug it in and it's good to go!

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Mauri T.

We’ve enjoyed our pro for several years. Reliable daily function in a kitchen setting.

José R.

I have been a barber for 24 years and a user of eyevac pro for over 10 years. I’ve had quite a few of them and their warranty and customer service is impeccable. I have only had to ever replace one and we at Mel’s Old City Barbershop in St Augustine and Sarasota Florida, love it so much I’m about to purchase another one for our Sarasota Florida location. Thank You JPaul Jones LP and Eyevac for simplifying our lives at work!!!

Ruth W.

I LOVE my new EYE VAC stationary vacuum!! It is GREAT for hard floors!! No more bending over with a dustpan, or chasing the dustpan around trying to get that last line of dirt that never wants to get into the dustpan. Another plus, those dust bunnies that cling to the broom bristles are NO MORE. Just pass the broom in front of the all-seeing eye and the broom dust bunnies are magically GONE!!! It's settings are AUTO, MANUAL & OFF and the Hepa filter and intake filter is washable. I hope they never stop making these, but I first saw it in operation at Great Clips each time they had to sweep up cut hair, between customers. It is one great vacuum!!!

Scott W.

Hi, this is the guy with the white polished porcelain floors just checking in. Just purchased my second professional unit and now we are really on fire. Unless the house somehow gets larger, I think 2 pro units will do the trick.


LOVE my EyeVac. I have hard flooring downstairs. There are breaks/dividers between the rooms that make vacuuming more difficult than it should be. EyeVac is great. It is stationary, so I do not have to worry about running over those areas or it getting stuck from moving on its own. I just do a quick sweep and I am done. Its so easy, my grandson is in charge of keeping the downstairs swept when he visits.

Sherry M.

I just want to tell you how much your Eye Vac Professional has helped me. I am currently battling my 2nd cancer diagnosis in two years. Cleaning can be very difficult for me. We have a small nonprofit therapy dog group that we run. We have dogs who travel all over the US volunteering. This means we have 4 dogs at home. Your product has helped me with keeping my house clean when it was almost impossible for me to sweep before. Anyway... thanks so much for creating such a wonderful product.

Don J.

This device works fairly well & is useful for dealing with pet hair or other light debris. After owning it for a while I feel that it's more of an impulse buy / gadget than it is an essential part of your house cleaning armada.

Leslie B.

Some homes with a central vacuum system have a petal and vacuum opening in the kitchen counter toe-kick. It seemed like a great idea but a central vacuum system would be extremely difficult and expensive to install in my old home. I noticed there are some toe-kick vacuums available and I considered getting one until I saw the Eye-Vac. If I wanted to install a vacuum under a cabinet or island I'd have to do cut a section of wood, get power to the unit, and get down on the floor every time I'd have to empty the small bag. The Eye-Vac is more high profile but a lot more useful. It has a large container to hold a lot of dirt, hair, etc., it's portable so you can move it from room to room, and it's cheap enough that you can simply but another one if you find you're moving to around a lot. The other reviews are accurate as far as the Pros & Cons. For cons I'd just like to add that it IS pretty loud. Yes, I know it's as loud as a traditional vacuum (maybe on the high side) but the noise of a traditional vacuum is somewhat absorbed by carpet and this thing seems to amplify the noise on the hard surfaces where it will be used. Finally, the motor stays on a little too long. I don't know how much extra dirt the Eve-Vac will suck up that it won't suck up in the first two seconds. Of course, this is a convenience item. It does nothing a regular vacuum or dust pan with a fox tail won't do... but it SURE IS CONVENIENT! If it makes sweeping the floors faster and easier it's worth it.


I saw this at my local barbershop and I thought it was a pretty cool idea. I mean who likes the dustpan part of sweeping? Not me! So after a little research, I went for it. This unit is a game changer. I keep mine on automatic and just sweep my piles of dirt right up to it and it sucks it all up. No more bending over while trying to sweep and hold the dustpan at the same time.


My daughter has a hair salon and this was perfect for the small space she wanted!

Laurie R.

It does what it says it does; push your sweepings near the sensor, and they get sucked into the unit when in Auto mode. It is a bit noisy, but no noisier than any other vacuum, I think. The only thing that is not so great about it is the interior filter inside the dirt cup; it sucks everything to it and you have to clean the filter by brushing off the dirt and debris, yuck! I read another review where they wrapped the filter in a dryer sheet with a rubber band. I'm using that method now, but it's still yucky. I bought the unit for helping sweep up the tiny feathers and seeds that the parakeets and canaries throw everywhere, and it does help since it sucks in the feathers before they float away from the broom. But 95% of this debris gets sucked onto the filter (to clean off), and 5% of what was swept actually goes into the tank.

Helene O.

I love this product. It works exactly the way it should, what more do you want? And the added benefit is that it cleans the bristles of the broom also, an amazingly helpful product. We have 3 dogs and 3 cats and 3 kids at home so it gets a lot of use. I have mine between the kitchen and breakfast room.


I love this vacuum! I bought it for myself when I was pregnant because getting the floors clean was just too much having to use the dust pan with the broom. This makes sweeping so easy! Plus, I cut hair from home, and the eyevac is my favorite for quick and easy haircut cleanup! My 3 year old even loves to help sweep and she always pushes the button to turn on the "loud noise" and watches the dust and junk disappear. It has some serious suction power too! It often surprises me with the objects that it is able to suck up. Cleaning the machine is super easy as well...just pull the cartridge off the front and dump into the trash bin.

Amy K.

We have hardwood floors and cats. This vacuum works great for them. The only reason didn't give it 5 stars is it stands out from the wall and can get in the way.

Audrey K.

Love, love, love this vacuum! I wouldn't be able to clean without it due to my neck and back pain. My daughter wanted one for her home so I decided to order me one also. Very powerful suction. Does a great job!


Real nice! Makes clean up fast & easy. But, after a year we could only use it manually. As it would either not shut off or it came on by itself even after cleaning the sensors.

Shelly P.

My sister loves it especially since it gets her two boys (7 and 10) involved and interested in sweeping the kitchen!


Given as a gift to my favorite stylist and colorist!! She loves it!! Work perfectly in her shop.

Rob G.

We bought this for home use. It looked like a convenient way to pick up the sweep piles which would replace the need to bring out the vacuum. It does this but due to the sound output we cannot use it in the house. The four stars are for the design and effectiveness. It really does suck everything up. It is lightweight and has decent space efficiency. The power cord wrapping system and the carrying handle are great additions. Its power is its greatest asset. The major con (and the reason we took one star off) is the sound it makes. It is the loudest vacuum I've ever used. It is now our garage vacuum.


Because I have mostly hard floors, I purchased two of these for my home. So far they are living up to their claims. I have no small children or cats, so I leave mine set on automatic mode, which makes them even more convenient to use. The motor is very powerful and leaves no debris to be picked up. The only thing I don't like is that the dog hair and dirt all clings to the filter instead of falling down to the bottom of the dirt reservoir. Much of it gets stuck between the veins of the filter, so I can't just dump out the dirt. I have to remove the filter, hold it over the trash can, and brush all the junk off it the best I can. This is unacceptable for a couple reasons. First, it's a pain in the neck. More important, because these HEPA filters do not get replaced, it is a real problem that they get so dirty and clogged. To alleviate the problem I wrapped a used dryer sheet around the filter and secured it with rubber bands. Now when it gets covered with stuff, I can peel it off and replace it without having to clean and wash the filter every time. I have turned off the automatic feature on one of these because my husband said he heard it come on two times during the night! Only explanation I can think of is that a spider set it off.


Just opened my own salon and ordered my first EyeVac on the recommendation of a friend. I love it! Never knew cleaning up after my clients could be so fun and easy!

Honey W.

I have had the same pro model in my salon for over 10 years. I love it and sell them to my clients on a regular basis.


My EyeVac makes me so happy!! I have 3 dogs and sweeping up used to be a chore I would dread because of all the bending over to use the dustpan. Now I actually look forward to it. It is very satisfying and fun to see the piles get sucked up out of sight - I sweep more often now! My hairdresser has one in his shop so I googled it and ordered one! Excellent product!


Loud. Maybe good for business but I don’t use it everyday. Bought it. Months ago and only used it twice.

Joe D.

Love it so far. Used for a few months now. Not hard to clean. Wife cuts hair and I have 3 kids who make tons of messes. Helps tremendously.

Nate H.

My wife uses this in her hair salon. A few of the other stylists have one as well. After about 8 months they all work well but it goes off for no reason. They all express the frustration of this. Minus a star for randomly going off. If more problems occur, I'll adjust review.

Linda W.

Bought this 6 months ago and it worked great, then the sensor went out and it would not shut off. Contacted the company and they are sending me a new one and a prepaid label to send the defective one back. It was a very easy process.

Elizabeth W.

Very nice, sucks the dog hair from 5 long -coat Chihuahuas right off the broom, easy to empty.


Works good, easy to use, picks up the sweepings in garage

Mona C.

How did I ever live without this?

Rachelle H.

Very powerful and am very happy with this product and highly recommend to everyone who wants a clean floor.

Kandice S.

Love it. I am going to buy another one for the other end of the house. We have a dog that sheds a lot and everyone now grabs a broom instead of waiting for me to sweep. No bending over, no looking for a dust pan and no pushing a heavy vacuum & dragging a cord. Everyone that comes to my house asks about it and they all want one.

Danielle S.

My husband and I love this! Feel a little bit lazy but it's awesometo have in the garage!

David R.

Love this thing! Daily sweeps take awhile to fill the can and it works great! Awesome convinience!!

J. M.

Use ours in grooming salon for dogs great to sweep up quickly in between dogs to keep the mess to a minimum. Not a lot of capacity so have to empty often but great power to suck hair up from 4 inches away

Karen D.

I have two dogs who shed and track in leaves all the time. Love this thing. Thinking of buying a second one for upstairs.

Wendy W.

Item was delivered on time and the box had a few dings, but the item was packaged so well, it didn't get damaged. Not sure what the other buyers are complaining about, but our vacuum is amazing! We have two messy kids and two forever-shedding indoor only 100lb dogs. The only thing I regret is not buying one for our bedroom and our living room. We plugged ours in the kitchen/dining area and it serves its purpose. It is a vacuum people.... It's not meant to be quiet!... It's not even close to being as loud as our Dyson vacuum, and the noise only lasts as long as you're sweeping rubbish into it. I was getting so frustrated with using a dustpan and broom and trying every DIY trick to get the little dirt/dust/hair/fibers into the dustpan (like taping the edge to the ground, etc). For me this is a way better option, the look is modern and sleek. We've only owned it for a couple weeks but use it daily, and the kids also got into sweeping because they like watching it suck up the mess.

M. H.

Seriously I love this in my salon... so much that I want one in my kitchen! It’s not something for picking up tiny hairs or sand/dirt but it gets a majority of stuff and I Love the auto setting!

Erin K.

I have purchased 3 of these. It all started with 1 I bought for my mother. It was getting harder for her to bend down to use a dustpan. I'd come over and see piles of stuff she swept, but just couldn't pick up. Then after seeing how awesome hers was I needed one for my hair salon. It does awesome. I use it every day to clean up after haircuts. It never loses suction I've been surprised a couple of time with how full the machine was and it still worked without a problem. Then I finally got one for my home. The knob on the one at the shop broke, I contacted Eyevac and I was sent a new piece within a week. Customer service rocks as well.

John F.

I am so happy to have found this little jewel!! It just sits there...HUNGRY and all I have to do is sweep debris in front of it and it eats it! Sure is simpler than getting out a dustpan, etc. Very easy to empty, too. I suggested it to a woman who does a lot of sewing (pieces of thread all over her floor). Well, she immediately ordered one and loves it like I knew she would. I highly recommend the EYE-VAC to anyone who wants to make life simpler.


I have had a salon for 29 years. I wish eye vac would have been around when I started the buisness. It is amazing. No more bending over to sweep the hair in to the dust pan, and then missing the trash can with half of it.


I love the convenience of not having to take out my vacuum cleaner everyday. I have a dog who sheds so its so much easier to just sweep at the end of the day and let EyeVac suck it all up! We just moved and I lost the lid to my eyevac. I contacted customer service and Nichole helped me out by sending me a replacement free of charge! tysm EyeVac!

Tammy M.

Returned. Not enough suction.

Anne F.

The salon I go to has one and I thought it was "clever". I bought one for myself and one for our son and it is AMAZING! Our dog has black hair and sheds on the hardwood floors..fun to sweep to the front of the Eye Vac and watch it get sucked away. The second unit didn't work and I called the company and spoke to Nichole. She said to fill out the service request on line and immediately I got an email from her. After confirming the proper numbers on my unit.... I've gotten an email from Fed Ex that the replacement will be here next week! I have never had such fast and professional customer service.. THANK YOU!

Gisela D.

I like this machine, but it is not as good as I saw it at the beauty shop. We have a cockatoo who dumps his sees on the floor daily.It was a mess and still is. We are able to sweep it up now. There should have been a manual on how to use it. The cleaning seems to be easy to do, but the filter is covered with dog hair -- another of our problems -- two large dogs with lots of hair. We are old and it is hard to bend over. But our kitchen flood is mostly clean, that is good. I would buy it again.

Debbie P.

I don't know how I lived without my Eye Vac before. I own a Grooming Salon, and obviously lot's of hair falls on the ground. It can be time consuming to sweep the hair into a little pile, find the dustpan, bend over and sweep the hair into the pan, old school style, not to mention the fact that the dustpan doesn't hold that much, and can become gross to look at! With the Eye Vac, all I have to do is sweep the hair up to it, and Eye Vac does all the work (there is an automatic feature that "sees the debris) I was leery that it wouldn't be able to accommodate all the hair, but it compacts the hair, dust and debris very well, and the bin is very large. There are no bags to deal with, simply pull the bin out and empty. The Eye Vac looks modern, and clean, and will eliminate the need for a dustpan forevermore, I highly recommend this vacuum, whether you have a hair salon, or you're just tired of bending over a filthy dustpan. I would also like to add that this company has excellent, personal customer service. I'm confident that you too will be saying, how did I live without it!

Tracy S.

The Eye Vac is an excellent addition in my new home. Two large dogs(over 50lbs. each), who shed their fur everywhere, clean up is a breeze. Living in Florida can be a real pain when it comes to the sand that gets tracked into the house, but my Eye Vac works great for that also. Recently my unit started making a loud noise, I contacted customer service through email and they contacted me back the very next day and are sending me out a new unit. Fastest response I have ever gotten from any company, and to boot they are sending me a new unit already before receiving my unit back. I am very pleased with the Eye Vac company and will definitely be recommending them to all of my family and friends.

Regina L.

This thing has changed my life. I sweep cheerfully and often now. Apparently the "block" I had about sweeping was the whole dustpan thing. Who knew?


I have 3 hairy dogs and a hairy cat. I'm sweeping every day, it's nice not to carry around the dust pan to every room. I sweep it all into one big pile straight to my vac.


Very helpful item but not too good for a large house/area. You have to sweep the dirt/hair too far and loose too much on the way.

Myles D.

Very nice product. The company also has outstanding customer service. Very satisfied.

John J.

It would be better if it had side guides to catch some dirt that doesn't get in!

Andi D.

With 4 dogs and 2 cats....plus cockatiel....I struggle to keep up with the hair in the house. The EyeVac has already made my life easier and my floors cleaner! I can just sweep the hair toward the EyeVac and it automatically senses the hair and dirt and sucks it right in! So easy and simple! It has been a God-send! I love love love it!!!

Kyle R.

We love EyeVac. We have multiple units in our home. We have 2 boys and they are constantly bringing in dirt, grass and who knows what else. The EyeVac makes cleaning up after them a breeze. We use the Pro Model in the kitchen the most. Its great at picking up dinner messes.


Works great and customer service is great. I bought mine recently so can't comment on longevity, but I love how it works. It is noisy but it does a great job even with sand, which tends to be hard to vacuum up due to weight. I have dogs who track sand in from outside all day long, and with a dust mop and the EyeVac I can skip hauling out the vacuum cleaner. It also sucks up the inevitable dog hair. The bin is a good size, but my friend who has one says the filter will clog fairly quickly with dog hair so I do check it often. The only thing I could ask for is a quieter motor but then it probably would not have a strong enough vacuum for the sand. I had a problem with the first one I got and customer service replaced it quickly. Can't beat that.

Joe M.

I like it! I have German Shepherds so the dust holder fills up pretty quickly but works great

Elizabeth H.

A little louder then I thought but efficient

Jenna B.

Love this! Works perfectly for sweeping up cat litter.

Mandi A.

Love it. Bought 2. Only complaint is it leaves a bit of debris at base. Which gets under machine. But over all a back saver and great for dog hair and cat litter on floor. Highly recommend the rubber broom. It gets everything up!

Lisa P.

Makes sweeping up cat litter and dust bunnies a breeze!, Love it!


I bought this for my mother to use in her hair salon. It works great. It is convenient, quiet and efficient. My two year old nephew also likes to use it.

Rachel S.

I couldn't decide whether I wanted the home or professional version of this, but ended up going with the professional model since I have two long-haired dogs, a cat, and my boyfriend and I both have long hair. This vacuum FAR exceeds my expectations. My Husky is blowing her coat right now, meaning I'm sweeping the house twice a day. As a test, I brushed her inside and collected the fur from half of her body in one pile.

Carol H.

I have two dogs that shed a lot. This is the easiest, quickest, and most efficient way to keep my floors free of dog hair yet! I love it! Wish I would have purchased an Eye-Vac sooner.

Sabrina V.

I look back on the days I used to lug out the vacuum cleaner over every little crumb and just *sigh*. Seriously, this device makes it so easy. Just sweep debris right up to the front of the unit and the infrared detects it and sucks everything right up. No more bending over dealing with a dustpan, no more dragging the vacuum cleaning to every corner just for the crevice tool... all you need is this and a good broom.

B. W.

The wife heard about this machine at the beauty shop, where they give it an extremely heavy workout. They had it for several months with no problems. She had me get her one. Now she wants one for the other end of the house. The vac picks up all material she has put in it, makes a little noise when turned on, no more than a regular vac. Every time she uses it, I hear her say how she loves it. She also bought eye-vac for both daughters as Christmas presents.

Eric C.

The eye vac is a great vacuum I have it in my barber shop people are amazed by it and ask where they can get one all the time mine was a little defective but they handled it and such a speedy manner it was great customer service was great I would recommend this to anybody it's the best

V. B.

Seriously life changing! My hubby bought me this one and the regular one (I think it's the pro version) for our home. I have this one downstairs where our dogs spend most of their time and leave it on the auto function. My dogs have never set it off and they aren't scared of it when it's in use. It makes life so much easier to just sweep or swiffer my hardwood floors and then have it sucked right up. Comparing this one to the other version which I have upstairs, I think the suction might be a little better on this one. If you're considering buying it, I don't think you will have a single regret. My husband said it's the best thing he's ever bought me because I use it so much and it makes cleaning floors SO much easier. :-)


Works great. No bending over with a dust pan, just sweep the dirt , dog hair or what Evers on your floor to the base of the unit and it's gone.

One-Year Warranty

JPaulJones, L.P. offers a 1-year full warranty on all EyeVac models. We do not require a warranty card to be filled out. However, we do require proof of purchase and a clear picture of the label (showing all information and numbers) on the back of your unit. Please fill out a service request on our Connect page to make a warranty claim. You can find full warranty details in the product manuals.

Please note: Taking apart the EyeVac unit voids the warranty. If you do not purchase your EyeVac through an Authorized Dealer, we are unable to provide a warranty replacement.

Free Shipping
We’re proud to offer free shipping on all EyeVac models to destinations within the
contiguous U.S. Shipping is not available to Alaska or Hawaii.
Satisfaction Guarantee
Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. If you are not satisfied with your EyeVac, simply notify us within 30 days, and we will issue a complete refund upon return of the unit.