EyeVac – The Touchless Vacuum

The Most Convenient Way to Clean


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The Most Convenient Way to Clean


EyeVac is Perfect For


Clean up messes as they come and deliver clean floors and air to your home

Pet Owners

We love our pets but not the mess. Perfect for picking up hair, food and litter.

Back Pain

No more bending down to sweep, save your joints with EyeVac!

See How EyeVac Works

Equipped with a powerful motor, various activation modes, large canister size, and dual filters; the EyeVac provides a quick, convenient and effective way to clean hard floors.

Touchless Activation

Always on and always ready infrared sensors activate automatically, making cleaning easy.

Powerful Suction

1000 Watt motor removes 100% of dust, hair, & debris cleaning your floors instantly.

Dual Filtration

EyeVac is equipped with a pre-motor filter & an exhaust filter that work to return clean air to your home.

Quick Cleans

Always out & always on, ready for any mess.

Easy Maintenance

Quick & easy empty with a bag-less canister.


Tackle dirt, dust, hair, food, debris, & more with ease.

Fits Anywhere

Sleek & stylish design, perfect for any home.


High-efficiency filters return clean air back to your home.

The Perfect Gift

Great for any occasion like birthdays, Mother’s Day, & Christmas.

See What People Are Saying About EyeVac

“The Eye Vac is an excellent addition in my new home. Two large dogs(over 50lbs. each), who shed their fur everywhere, clean up is a breeze. Living in Florida can be a real pain when it comes to the sand that gets tracked into the house, but my Eye Vac works great for that also. I am very pleased with the Eye Vac company and will definitely be recommending them to all of my family and friends.”
Tracy S. – NY
“I have three big labs. I was pulling out the vacuum everyday to pick up hair. Now I simply sweep the hair to the Eye-Vac and dump the receptacle once a week. Worth every penny of the very reasonable price.
Gabbie G. – FL
“My hairdresser has one and I was intrigued. After reading the reviews from dog and cat owners I decided to try it for my parrot since I am trying to make my maintenance easier. I am thrilled with this option and the feathers and seeds are vacuumed up with ease. Would recommend highly.”
Nancy H. – TX
“I purchased the Eye-Vac home approx 2 months ago. I use it every single day. It is so convenient. My kids can even use it, and they do! It’s much more convenient than bending over to sweep into a dust pan, or get out a huge vacuum just for a quick clean up. I wish I could afford to purchase one for every room in my home. This would make a perfect housewarming or wedding gift.”
Patty C. – CO
“I purchased my Eye-Vac a month or so ago and it’s made sweeping up my cat’s fur so much easier. I keep mine in my kitchen and I feel like my floors are so much cleaner because it’s so easy to use. Love that it collects up that dust strip that my dustpan leaves. Highly recommend this product. I’m thinking if getting one for my elderly mother since she can’t bend over as easy any more to use a dustpan when she sweeps.”
Candace L. – MN
“This thing is great and it works great! I got this to put by my cats’ litter boxes. Picks up litter, cat hair, cat food, etc. without any problems. I sweep into it every day and it works like a charm! It’s really easy to clean out too.”
Chris F. – CA

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

We guarantee your satisfaction with your EyeVac. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return it to us within 30 days of purchase, no questions asked.

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