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65 reviews for EyeVac Professional

  1. Sharp

    I saw this at my local barbershop and I thought it was a pretty cool idea. I mean who likes the dustpan part of sweeping? Not me! So after a little research, I went for it. This unit is a game changer. I keep mine on automatic and just sweep my piles of dirt right up to it and it sucks it all up. No more bending over while trying to sweep and hold the dustpan at the same time.

  2. Customer

    My daughter has a hair salon and this was perfect for the small space she wanted!

  3. Laurie Romero

    It does what it says it does; push your sweepings near the sensor, and they get sucked into the unit when in Auto mode. It is a bit noisy, but no noisier than any other vacuum, I think. The only thing that is not so great about it is the interior filter inside the dirt cup; it sucks everything to it and you have to clean the filter by brushing off the dirt and debris, yuck! I read another review where they wrapped the filter in a dryer sheet with a rubber band. I’m using that method now, but it’s still yucky. I bought the unit for helping sweep up the tiny feathers and seeds that the parakeets and canaries throw everywhere, and it does help since it sucks in the feathers before they float away from the broom. But 95% of this debris gets sucked onto the filter (to clean off), and 5% of what was swept actually goes into the tank.

  4. Helene O

    I love this product. It works exactly the way it should, what more do you want? And the added benefit is that it cleans the bristles of the broom also, an amazingly helpful product. We have 3 dogs and 3 cats and 3 kids at home so it gets a lot of use. I have mine between the kitchen and breakfast room.

  5. Ann

    I love this vacuum! I bought it for myself when I was pregnant because getting the floors clean was just too much having to use the dust pan with the broom. This makes sweeping so easy! Plus, I cut hair from home, and the eyevac is my favorite for quick and easy haircut cleanup! My 3 year old even loves to help sweep and she always pushes the button to turn on the “loud noise” and watches the dust and junk disappear.

    It has some serious suction power too! It often surprises me with the objects that it is able to suck up. Cleaning the machine is super easy as well…just pull the cartridge off the front and dump into the trash bin.

  6. Amy Kasten

    We have hardwood floors and cats. This vacuum works great for them. The only reason didn’t give it 5 stars is it stands out from the wall and can get in the way.

  7. Audrey Klimitchek

    Love, love, love this vacuum! I wouldn’t be able to clean without it due to my neck and back pain. My daughter wanted one for her home so I decided to order me one also. Very powerful suction. Does a great job!

  8. Note

    Real nice! Makes clean up fast & easy. But, after a year we could only use it manually. As it would either not shut off or it came on by itself even after cleaning the sensors.

  9. Shelly Patrick

    My sister loves it especially since it gets her two boys (7 and 10) involved and interested in sweeping the kitchen!

  10. Deb

    Given as a gift to my favorite stylist and colorist!! She loves it!! Work perfectly in her shop.

  11. Rob G

    We bought this for home use. It looked like a convenient way to pick up the sweep piles which would replace the need to bring out the vacuum. It does this but due to the sound output we cannot use it in the house. The four stars are for the design and effectiveness. It really does suck everything up. It is lightweight and has decent space efficiency. The power cord wrapping system and the carrying handle are great additions. Its power is its greatest asset. The major con (and the reason we took one star off) is the sound it makes. It is the loudest vacuum I’ve ever used. It is now our garage vacuum.

  12. Cleo

    Because I have mostly hard floors, I purchased two of these for my home. So far they are living up to their claims. I have no small children or cats, so I leave mine set on automatic mode, which makes them even more convenient to use. The motor is very powerful and leaves no debris to be picked up. The only thing I don’t like is that the dog hair and dirt all clings to the filter instead of falling down to the bottom of the dirt reservoir. Much of it gets stuck between the veins of the filter, so I can’t just dump out the dirt. I have to remove the filter, hold it over the trash can, and brush all the junk off it the best I can. This is unacceptable for a couple reasons. First, it’s a pain in the neck. More important, because these HEPA filters do not get replaced, it is a real problem that they get so dirty and clogged. To alleviate the problem I wrapped a used dryer sheet around the filter and secured it with rubber bands. Now when it gets covered with stuff, I can peel it off and replace it without having to clean and wash the filter every time.

    I have turned off the automatic feature on one of these because my husband said he heard it come on two times during the night! Only explanation I can think of is that a spider set it off.

  13. Jeanie

    Just opened my own salon and ordered my first EyeVac on the recommendation of a friend. I love it! Never knew cleaning up after my clients could be so fun and easy!

  14. Honey Wright

    I have had the same pro model in my salon for over 10 years. I love it and sell them to my clients on a regular basis.

  15. Victoria (verified owner)

    My EyeVac makes me so happy!! I have 3 dogs and sweeping up used to be a chore I would dread because of all the bending over to use the dustpan. Now I actually look forward to it. It is very satisfying and fun to see the piles get sucked up out of sight – I sweep more often now! My hairdresser has one in his shop so I googled it and ordered one! Excellent product!

  16. John

    Loud. Maybe good for business but I don’t use it everyday. Bought it. Months ago and only used it twice.

  17. Joe Darko

    Love it so far. Used for a few months now. Not hard to clean. Wife cuts hair and I have 3 kids who make tons of messes. Helps tremendously.

  18. Nate Haldeman

    My wife uses this in her hair salon. A few of the other stylists have one as well. After about 8 months they all work well but it goes off for no reason. They all express the frustration of this. Minus a star for randomly going off. If more problems occur, I’ll adjust review.

  19. Linda Wright

    Bought this 6 months ago and it worked great, then the sensor went out and it would not shut off. Contacted the company and they are sending me a new one and a prepaid label to send the defective one back. It was a very easy process.

  20. Elizabeth Warren

    Very nice, sucks the dog hair from 5 long -coat Chihuahuas right off the broom, easy to empty.

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  • 1400 Watt Motor (U.S.)
  • High-efficiency Filtration
  • Sleek Design
  • Canister Capacity: 4.8 Liters
  • Voltage: 120v (US plug)
  • Color choices: Designer White or Tuxedo Black

Additional information

Weight 15.6 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 7.5 × 20.5 in