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88 reviews for EyeVac Home

  1. Amber

    Loud! My toddler is terrified lol but no more than my regular vacuum.
    Suction is great, and its very compact and discreet.

  2. Jason M

    This thing is amazing !!!!!!! Waited a while to put in a review to make sure it lasted . 4 dogs 1 can and kids works today just as it did when I bought it . 1 of my best Amazon purchases

  3. Tina N. (verified owner)

    I absolutely love mine! I know my mom will love hers when I give it to her for Christmas. I broke my back and have a hard time bending so this is perfect. ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Bill Senger

    Way cool having a vacuum parked and ready to run. I have wood floors so it’s a lot easier to sweep with a broom than use a conventional vacuum. I also have a wood stove, so there’s always a bounty of dust. Thinking of ordering another one of these to park in the loft.

  5. Catherine Stouffer

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Picks up great, is lite weight and can be carried from room to room with ease. Great for wood floors and collecting dog hair!

  6. Lisa

    Great customer service! I bought my unit about 4 months ago and fell in love with it. It is near where my kitties eat (they love to move their dry food onto the floor). EyeVac has made my life much easier! Unfortunately, the first time I emptied the bin, I didn’t see a component that came out into the trash. Needless to say, the trash went out. When I put the filter back in, it didn’t fit. I realized I must have dropped a piece of the unit into the trash and it was long gone. I called EyeVac and spoke to Nichole. I was able to get the piece replaced.
    I want to say the people at Eyevac are bar none- the best in customer service! I am back, up and running with my unit working! Once again, thank you for such an honest and service-oriented company! That is a rarity these days!

  7. Lisa Brown

    Kinda tricky getting trash to the inlet with strong blower coming from back and sides.

  8. Ian McCarter

    It is a great little device that does save time when I’m sweeping my living room. It picks up small stuff really well. The only reason I’m not giving it a full 5 stars is because the opening isn’t quite big enough to pick up things like chips, or small wrappers, stuff like that. I have three young children, so that is an issue for us.

  9. Vanna Hernandez

    I love the EyeVac! I use it to pick up dog fur on the daily.
    For the time I’ve had vacuum the suction has never lost its power! It can pick up even the slightest debris in front of the sensor…which could be a blessing or a curse. Depends on the person I guess. But I would recommend the EyeVac to anyone with hardwood floors and pets. It’s a hassle and hard on the back to keep bending down to use a dustpan.

  10. M. Curtin

    This is a perfect device. I first saw one in my hair salon and thought how nice it would be for my kitchen floor with all the cat hair I see scooting about, even after I sweep. I really like it and would highly recommend it to anyone that has furry pets or bare floors in their homes.

  11. Candace Lambert

    I purchased my Eye-Vac a month or so ago and it’s made sweeping up my cat’s fur so much easier. I keep mine in my kitchen and I feel like my floors are so much cleaner because it’s so easy to use. Love that it collects up that dust strip that my dustpan leaves. Highly recommend this product. I’m thinking if getting one for my elderly mother since she can’t bend over as easy any more to use a dustpan when she sweeps.

  12. Patty Campbell

    I purchased the Eye-Vac home approx 2 months ago. I use it every single day. It is so convenient. My kids can even use it, and they do! It’s much more convenient than bending over to sweep into a dust pan, or get out a huge vacuum just for a quick clean up. I wish I could afford to purchase one for every room in my home. This would make a perfect housewarming or wedding gift.

  13. Jacob Smith

    Love the EyeVac. We have hardwood floors all through the house, using the EyeVac is the easiest way for my roommates and I to keep up with cleaning.

  14. Janet Ruprecht

    scares the dog when she walks by it but works great

  15. Elizabeth Bates

    Good to use when sweeping, living at the beach it does not suck up all the sand when swept towards it. I have to tilt it over and try to get the sand to go into the unit. I still like using it for all other debris from the floor though.

  16. Michael Turanik

    Awesome 5 stars picks up our German Shepherd hair. Wife is happy. Very happy

  17. Candice S

    The kids love to use it and it is great for a quick clean up.

  18. Jan Williams

    I already have one and bought this as a gift. My friend loves it and mentions it often. It’s especially great for sweeping up pet hair/fur.

  19. Rebecca Easter

    It took some getting used to, but I think I will like this product in the long run. It’s small enough to fit conveniently in just about any room. I had trouble mastering a broom maneuver that will activate the motion sensor but now that I’ve gotten used to that it’s not so bad. I do love not having to use a dirty old dustpan.

  20. Nicholas B.

    The EyeVac Home is simply a great addition to almost any home. My wife and I make a mess in the kitchen regularly, and we have a constantly shedding dog. The EyeVac handles all the mess for us – quick, easy, and practically automatic! How did we live without it?

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  • 1000 Watt Motor (U.S.)
  • High-efficiency Filtration
  • Sleek design
  • Canister Capacity: 3.8 Liters
  • Voltage: 120v (US plug)
  • Comes in four colors

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Weight 14.0 lbs

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