Make Your Home Pet Allergy Proof with These Tips!

Pets are great for many reasons, they provide comfort when you need it, make a great foot warmer and make you feel welcomed when you get home. It goes without saying pets are amazing, but they can do a number on people with a pet allergy. About 15% of the population suffer from pet allergies and chances are someone who has them might visit your home. The good news is you can minimize the side effects of pet allergies by taking these simple steps prior to your guest’s arrival. Here is a list of ways to prevent pet allergy side effects so you and your guests can breathe easy.

Splish Splash Give Your Pet Scheduled Baths

Depending on your pet, baths can be a great bonding experience or it can be every groomers nightmare. If you are bathing your dog, the frequency of baths depends on the breed and length of hair. Generally speaking, you should bathe your dog once to twice every two weeks. In between baths products such as dry shampoo or baking soda with cornstarch can be used to keep your dog smelling fresh. As for cat owners, you’ve got it easy because on average an indoor cat should only be bathed once or twice a year.

Break Out the Brush

Just like baths brushing your pet’s hair can be a walk in the park or a living nightmare, rarely anything in between. However, brushing your dog regularly removes dirt and debris from their skin. More importantly, regularly brushing your dog’s hair promotes a shinier, healthier coat. As for cats, regular brushing spreads their natural oils throughout their fur while increasing blood circulation. Brushing your pet can be a pain, but it’s an essential part of keeping your them clean and happy. Break out the brush so you won’t have to lug out the broom and duster as often.

No Living Room Set is Complete Without Pet Hair Accents

There’s nothing better than snuggling up with your pet on the couch and watching your favorite TV show. While this may be a comfort to most pet owners, the hair and dandruff that will be left behind will do a number on anyone with a pet allergy. We are not saying your pet should never join you on the couch. However, if you allow your pet on the furniture it is always wise to throw a towel or blanket down for them to lay on. Trust us when we say that cleaning an old blanket is much easier than cleaning your couch.

Fabric Looks Better When It’s Not Covered in Dust and Hair

Nothing traps pet hair like fabric and your home might have more hair trapping fabric than your realize. Fabric not only traps pet hair but also other allergens. So fabric household items such as drapes, tablecloths or carpet should be reconsidered if you or your houseguests have bad pet allergies. While fabric may look warm and inviting, it is not exactly ideal for pet owners. Trade-in those drapes for blinds and that carpet for hardwood if you want to create a friendly environment for your guests.

Sweep Away the Allergies

We all know this tip should be performed regardless if you own a pet and are inviting people over, but a friendly reminder never hurts. Depending on how frequently you brush your pet, tons of pet hair will find itself all over your floors and everywhere else. Fortunately, you can easily clean pet hair off your floors with the EyeVac Home. This touchless vacuum can handle the biggest ball of fur your dog or cat can leave behind. Just sweep the pet hair up next to the EyeVac and watch as pesky pet hair vanishes. Best of all the EyeVac’s dual filter technology releases clean hair back into your home. Do yourself and your guests a favor and clean your floors and air from pet hair.
In short, there are plenty of simple things you can do to avoid the side effects of pet allergies. By carrying out these simple tasks you and your guests can breathe easy. You and your guest’s sinuses will thank you later.

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