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Make Your Home Look Luxurious Without Draining Your Bank Account

How to Make Your Home Look Luxurious Without Draining Your Bank Account

Keeping up with the Joneses can be a heavy burden to carry. The nice clothes, cars, jewelry, and homes that your favorite celebrity flaunts is often unattainable given almost anyone’s budget. While you may have to save your pennies for the clothes, cars, and jewelry; there is a way to make your humble home look like it would grace the pages of a home and garden magazine. Here are a few ways to make your home look luxurious without draining your bank account.

1) Add Some Color to the Walls

Let’s face it. White walls have been done again and again and frankly, they aren’t much to look at. Adding color not only makes your home more visually appealing, but certain colors can give the illusion that your home is much larger than it really is. Studies have also shown that painting certain rooms or adding accents with neutral colors such as light blue can increase your home’s value. Ditch those plain-jane white walls and amp up the visual appeal of your home with some color.

2) Replace The Carpet with Hard Floors

Okay, so we know that this isn’t the cheapest of upgrades to make on your home, but you don’t have to do it all in one go. Start by replacing the carpet in rooms that guests would see first, and then move onto other rooms once your budget allows you to do so. Having hardwood floors is not only ideal for turning up the perceived (and actual) value of your home, it’s also ideal for pet owners. Hard flooring eliminates the need to bust out the vacuum on a regular basis to suck up all of that pesky dog hair and dust that frequently becomes embedded within the carpet.

3) Deck the Walls with Some Art

No, we didn’t start singing a Christmas carol. Hanging tasteful art and photographs adds greater perceived value and creates topics of conversation within your home. Hanging mirrors can make rooms seem larger and much grander in scale. With that being said, a little goes a long way, no need to have every inch of the wall covered in prints or photos of your family or make it appear that you live in a fun mirror maze.

4) Update That Hardware

What’s on all your cabinets, doors and bathroom walls? It’s your home’s hardware – and chances are it’s a little outdated. Replacing your home’s hardware is easy and inexpensive. You can easily make any old cabinet look like it was made in this era with a coat of paint and some new hardware. Updating hardware is not just limited to cabinets, the towel racks and holders in your bathrooms can easily be updated as well. Doing something as small as replacing hardware in the kitchen or bathroom can make your home seem newer and more luxurious than before.

5) Keep It Clean

Even the most luxurious of homes can appear cheap if its kept dirty. Simple things such as making your bed or dusting can amp up the perceived value of your home to anyone who might step into your humble abode. Cleaning doesn’t have to be a long and strenuous process, most of the time it can be done very quickly if done routinely. If you have pets or children, you should always sweep up prior to any guest coming over. The flooring is one of the first things a guest notices when entering your home, so keeping it nice and tidy is a must. However, cleaning your floors doesn’t have to be an hour long process. You can easily sweep up dog hair or spilled crumbs into an EyeVac Touchless Vacuum, which makes your floor cleaning process quick and easy. Needless to say, a clean home is a luxurious home no matter how much it cost.

In short, there are many inexpensive things you can do to make your home seem more luxurious than it was when you first bought it. Whether it’s adding a fresh coat of paint, tearing up that old carpet, hanging some artwork, updating that dated hardware or just keeping your home clean, living in luxury doesn’t have to be just for the wealthy.
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