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EyeVac Touchless Vacuum Website Redesign

If you’ve visited the EyeVac Touchless Vacuum website in the past, you may have noticed some changes in recent weeks. That was for you: our customers! Our main goal through this process was to create a website that’s easier to navigate. Being more modern and easier to lookout certainly doesn’t hurt, either! We redesigned every page featuring our robot cleaning machine to provide you with all the information you need in as clear a manner as possible. If you’re looking for a quick and easy vacuum cleaner to help keep your home or office space sparkling, look no further than EyeVac.

Find clear information on the Eyevac Touchless Vacuum

EyeVac Touchless Vacuum - Home

Now, when you visit the Home Use or Professional Use pages for more information, the first thing you’re offered is a video to see EyeVac in action. Sure, we could tell you how EyeVac cleans dirt and pet hair and cleans up after your messy kids. But seeing is believing, and now you don’t simply have to take our word for it! Especially when you check out our Testimonials page, where you can find user reviews and even more videos showcasing our powerful vacuum cleaner. Or, you can scroll down on the Home and Professional Use pages to find in-depth specs on the cleaning authority. Still have questions? Our redesigned FAQ has answers!

EyeVac Professional handles all your pet's messes

Compare vacuum cleaner models side by side!

Our online store has been overhauled as well, so you can compare the no touch vacuum models side by side and truly see the difference without having to click back and forth between pages. Need to clean the hardwood floor in your home and still save your back? Or maybe you want to clean up quickly between clients at your hair salon. No matter your vacuum needs, we’re sure you can find a model that’s right for you! This is also where you find vacuum accessories and vacuum add ons to keep your EyeVac in top condition.

Then, when you’re ready to buy, you can choose between our two designer colors with the click of a button. Our streamlined checkout process is sure to make any purchase a breeze, too. Be sure to stay on the lookout for more deals and discounts than ever before. And don’t forget about our Best Price option available right at checkout, too!

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One-Year Warranty

JPaulJones, L.P. offers a 1-year full warranty on all EyeVac models. We do not require a warranty card to be filled out. However, we do require proof of purchase and a clear picture of the label (showing all information and numbers) on the back of your unit. Please fill out a service request on our Connect page to make a warranty claim. You can find full warranty details in the product manuals.

Please note: Taking apart the EyeVac unit voids the warranty. If you do not purchase your EyeVac through an Authorized Dealer, we are unable to provide a warranty replacement.

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Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. If you are not satisfied with your EyeVac, simply notify us within 30 days, and we will issue a complete refund upon return of the unit.