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The EyeVac is the Perfect Gift for Everyone This Holiday Season!

The EyeVac is the Perfect Gift for Everyone this Holiday Season!

With the holidays coming in full swing, you’re probably scouring the stores to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list this year. That’s why we put together a list of everyone who the EyeVac would be perfect for! Dad has enough ties and mom has enough framed pictures of you! Get everyone a gift they will actually be excited to unwrap.


Cleaning can be difficult, especially with the hassle of pulling out the vacuum cleaner, or bending over to sweep debris into a dustpan. The EyeVac Home works as an automatic dustpan, sucking up any debris swept in front of its motion detector. Gift the grandparents an EyeVac this holiday season, and they will never have to bend over to a dustpan again!

The Shop Dad

The EyeVac Pro’s powerful motor quickly sucks up any dirt, leaves, or even wood chips off the garage floor. The touchless sensor can be switched from manual to automatic for efficiency when it’s time for clean-up. Gift your Shop Dad a product that will keep his shop clean and ready for more projects in the new year. This product works so well that your craftsman will be asking for one in every room of the house!

The Busy Mom

This season is especially stressful for the mom who is trying to get everything done – from Christmas shopping to decorating the house for the holidays. The EyeVac Home is the perfect addition to any kitchen as a convenient way to sweep up crumbs after each meal or clean up after holiday crafts. The EyeVac Home’s sleek design allows it to blend seamlessly into any room’s interior.

The Pet Owner

Who else is tired of pet hair covered floors? The EyeVac Pet’s powerful 1400 watt motor allows you to quickly remove kitty litter, pet hair, and pet food, all while filtering clean air back into your home. This is the cleaning machine that every pet owner needs to keep their floors pet hair free. Spend more time playing with your furry friends and less time cleaning up after them!

Apartment Renters

If you’ve ever lived in an apartment, you understand just how quickly floor grime builds up. If you’re looking to buy a holiday gift that will actually be used, the EyeVac Home is that gift! The EyeVac Home is great for cleaning up after a messy roommate or for a quick sweep around the apartment.

Get your family members a gift that they will actually use this season. Impress your friends and family with the most convenient cleaning invention of the year!
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