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5 Effective Hacks for Cleaning Hard Floors

5 Effective Hacks for Cleaning Hard Floors

Hard floors add some class to any room, and make cleaning up spills easier than ever. But while a spot clean with a broom or a mop may be easy, it’s not always enough. Just because hard floors don’t hold onto dirt like carpet doesn’t mean they’re problem-free. Scuffs, dents, and general wear-and-tear accumulate quicker than you might think. Here are a few hacks to keep those hard floors sparkling for a long time!

1. Make Your Floors Shine with Things You Have in Your Kitchen

Every hard floor is subject to scratches from dropped utensils, dragging chairs, and pet paws. No matter how many house rules you implement to try to avoid them, a few are bound to come up sooner or later. But don’t lose hope! You can treat these scratches with some simple ingredients from your kitchen. Mix one part vinegar with two parts canola oil, and take it to the scratches. The ugly marks will disappear right in front of your eyes! This mix is also an effective way to improve your floor’s luster, whether it’s treating a scratch or not.

2. Don’t Settle for “Permanent” Marks

Scuffs and scratches are somewhat common, so it’s no wonder people came up with solutions to treat them. But what about dents from dropping something heavy? Or more permanent marks from something like a permanent marker? Don’t worry, there are solutions for these dings too!
A clothing iron’s combination of heat and moisture is the perfect combination for fixing dents. Apply some water to the dented area, place a soaked cloth over it, and then iron the cloth in a circular motion. The dent will lift right out! For marks from a permanent marker and the like, just grab some white toothpaste from your bathroom. Its cleaning capabilities aren’t just for teeth!

3. Clean Up After Your Pets

If you have some furry friends, they may have been the reason you decided on hard floors in the first place. Cleaning up accidents and hair from hard floors is much easier than trying to clean the same from carpets. However, even if you’re quick on clean-up duty, some of the smell and bad material can still soak into the floor. For a total clean, liberally apply some baking soda to the area of the accident, and leave it for a few hours. The chemicals in the baking soda will bond with those from the accident, permanently neutralizing the odor.

4. Use Cardboard to Clean Hard to Reach Places

Sometimes a mop or broom can’t reach those nooks and crannies in corners or behind fixtures. Knowing it’s there can gnaw at you though, especially after a deep clean. Don’t give up – you can use a cardboard tube to get at that pesky dirt! This is ideal for a longer tube, like one that comes from wrapping paper. Put one end into your vacuum hose, and flatten the other so it can reach far into those previously unreachable crevices.

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A Bonus Hack for Tile Floors

Grout got you down? Mix some shaving cream with lemon juice, apply it between your tiles, and scrub it out until the grout is gone!

5. Make Cleaning a Breeze with EyeVac

Lugging around a vacuum or dustpan when you’re sweeping only tires you out, and puts unnecessary wear on your body. Enter the EyeVac Touchless Vacuum! Just sweep up to it, and the infrared sensors on the bottom automatically turn it on. EyeVac’s powerful suction nabs all dirt, food spills, pet hair, and any other mess. Enjoy clean floors in seconds, and clean hands forever!

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