How to Get Help Cleaning: 5 Easy Steps to Make Everyone Pitch In

So it’s that time of the week. The house has withstood all of the dirt and grime the week can throw at it, and can’t take much more. Needless to say, it’s time to roll up those sleeves, snap on those rubber gloves, and bust out the arsenal of cleaners under the sink. While cleaning the house may be hard work, it’s nowhere near as hard as getting everyone else in the house involved. Excuses that you have never thought to be feasible come out of thin air, and everyone you ask has never been busier. Is it even worth asking for help if you already know the answer? Lucky for you, we have compiled a list of 5 easy steps to making everyone in your house pitch into the daunting task of cleaning.

1) Offer an Incentive

This is a tactic that is often used by parents to get their kids to do their chores. But here’s the good news! You can use this tactic on more than just children, it works for teenagers and adults as well! Please note that for this tactic to be effective you have to offer different incentives for different age groups. While a $5 dollar bill might seem like a lot to a five-year-old, that little chunk of change in the hands of your significant other may seem like a drop in the bucket. Feel free to get creative with the type of incentives you offer up, not all of them have to be monetary, it could be as simple as going to the park later. Whatever the incentive is, no matter how big or small, we are sure it will aid you in your goal to have a clean house.

2) Create a Cleaning Schedule

I know what you are thinking. This tip seems like a lot of work for something that may not be effective. While compiling a cleaning schedule may initially seem like a daunting task, once everyone is in the swing of the routine, keeping the house clean will be a breeze. The best thing about creating a cleaning schedule is that everyone gets a turn doing the chores no one really wants to do. So complaining about having to clean the toilets or floors is immediately dismissed. Also, by creating a schedule you will be able to clearly pinpoint who has been lazy with their chores. Slackers beware.

3) Turn Cleaning Into a Game

How do you make any monotonous task more fun? Easy, just turn it into a game! This tip is ideal for households with children, because who loves playing games more than kids? The possibilities are endless in terms of what games you can implement into your cleaning routine. An example of a game you can play is to give each person a mini vacuum and see who can suck up the most dirt, dust or pet hair. Another game you could play is to hide pocket change in dirty areas of the house and see who finds the most money while cleaning, the winner being able to keep the jackpot.

4) Start Cleaning Up “As You Go”

Why put off until tomorrow what you can do today? This old saying still rings a lot of truth to this very day, especially when you apply it to cleaning. Think about it, if you clean a little here and there you will not have to set aside an entire afternoon to clean it all up. You can encourage the household to do this by preaching this insight and leading by example. It’s hard to argue that this method is not effective, so no need to worry about getting into long-winded arguments about it. With that being said, next time you are about to leave a dirty dish in the sink or a pile of unfolded clean laundry in the corner of your room ask yourself “do I really want to do this tomorrow?”

5) Find Faster Ways to Clean

I think we can all agree that cleaning isn’t as taxing as it is time-consuming. But what if it wasn’t time-consuming? Do you think people would be more inclined to help clean if it just took a few minutes instead of a whole afternoon? There are many different techniques and gadgets that can substantially reduce your cleaning time from hours to just mere minutes. For example, life hacks such as quickly cleaning the microwave out by heating up vinegar, easily cleaning the oven by using a liner or promptly cleaning floor scuff marks with a tennis ball. However, some cleaning tasks may seem near impossible to save time on, such as vacuuming or sweeping your home’s floors. Luckily, the EyeVac makes sweeping your hard floors quicker and easier than ever before. Just sweep the dirt and grime up to the EyeVac and let it do the rest.
There are many ways to convince your fellow housemates to help you clean. Whether it’s offering an incentive, adhering to a schedule, playing a game, cleaning as you go, or finding quicker ways to clean, there is no shortage of ways to convince the rest of your home to aid you in cleaning. Getting help cleaning will be quicker and more effective and allow you to focus on what’s really important, spending quality time with friends or family.

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